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Age of Aquarius. Table of Eclipse Dates from to Daily Horoscopes. Get Susan Miller's Mobile App. Apple Android. Daily Astrology Zone Online. Astrology Zone for Apple Watch. No so sorry— The really surprising and difficult aspects come at the end of next month at the new moon October This is nothing things start blowing up in late October. Do u want to learn astrology?

My friend Rebecca is offering beginner's astrology course Oct 3-Dec 19, it's online so u can join from anywhere in world, plus there are 2 in-person classes in beautiful Tribeca NYC loft, meet ur classmates.

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Sign-up: da All fixed! Thank you Phunware for fixing my app immediately. Readers if you subscribe to my app it is working now and no longer pinwheeling. Is it true that these circumstances are responsible for late-blooming? Such us, getting married older than average, getting pregnant later in life, and achieving career goals late?

Replying to Aquarianess.

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Could be but people who are Capricorn usually have to grow up really fast really early and take care of the brothers and sisters, and be very practical in life. They age backwards and get younger and younger as they age! They finally let go when they have more free time!

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Thank you for the answer! My partner is having brain surgery on Sep. I'm calmer now, thanks a lot! Replying to ABaadernista. I will say prayers for your husband. Your husband is lucky to have you and Love always gets you well. Mindful Mamas.

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Replying to mindfulmamayoga. Keep me posted on how he does he goes through his year. Tas Tsipouras. Hi Susan! No not my birthday. March 13th baby here. Little Fish this is your magnificent year for career games. They will be bigger than anything you expected. Such a big career here for you. I have been so fortunate since my bday on 31 Aug. To top it off, I have an interview on Tues, 24th! Replying to Tahea. That new moon that came right before your birthday was one of the best of the year and I wrote a lot about it in the August forecast and also a bit about it in the September forecast.

You can always read My previous month on astrology zone. You are doing everything right! Replying to 1ShabzA. You cast a long shadow in front of him that he will have to live up to. I have a feeling all you do you succeed at. Paula Soraia.

It's not my birthday, but, I'm participating in a recruitment process and, I'm very anxious and very excited to pass in it. Do you think that it's could be "My important issue" for 24th September? I was born on July 8th Replying to paulasoraia Also we have a gorgeous new moon coming up at the end of next week is September 28 in Libra.


I wrote about it. That one will probably give you a breakthrough with your home situation. I love your chart so be confident. Great month! Anyway,September 24 is glorious so the closer you can get to that day the better! Thanks for the update. My birthday is tomorrow. Anything exceptional in store for me? Replying to thinkbronwyn.

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You will be so happy. I remember before I had very big surgery when I was 14 years old, my famous surgeon came in the room and asked me if I was nervous. I nodded yes. I have to do all the work while you sleep! Susan, is it a good day for brain surgery?

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Of course. One of my closest friends just had brain surgery, her fourth, and I chose the dates. She is doing well. Is that your birthday? Your entire year will be filled w good fortune.