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The StarTypes technique is modern in that it combines the traditional view used by astrologers with the heliocentric view used by astronomers to achieve what amounts to a stereo view of the birth moment, while also preserving the cultural side of both charts. Until StarTypes this just had not been done and the enhanced perspective or stereo view of combing both geocentric and heliocentric perspectives offers a much more accurate and complete picture of what the planets are doing at the moment of an event such as a birth. StarTypes takes into account the actual inner workings of the solar system that, along with our traditional astrology chart, provides us with what amounts to a 3D or enhanced view of the birth moment and ourselves.

In essence the StarTypes technique maps the large-scale planetary patterns taking place in the heavens from two points of view and compares them as the context in which our personal lives are taking place. I use my birth date. On the other hand, the heliocentric chart upper left is an overview perspective of the whole solar system. This is a view of where the planets actually are in relation to their functioning center the Sun and not the view of how Earth sees the solar system. You can see that there is a difference between the two views and this difference provides two views of the same planets, the same system, and the same moment but just from alternate perspectives.

My point is the these two views complement each other and provide us with a more complete picture of what is going on than either of the two charts can by itself. The third chart, the one at the bottom of the diagram shows the heliocentric perspective but with one planet Mars drawn so that you can see the two perspectives.

I just used one because drawing all would be a bit overwhelming to sort out visually. This is quite a difference, and the difference is due to the earth being embedded within the actual solar system and from that position Earth sees Mars in Aries. But in fact, in relation to its real center Mars does not orbit Earth either , it is in the zodiac sign Aquarius.

It is perhaps time that astrologers as a group begin to use both charts in their work.

Heliocentric Model

I have done this for forty years and get very good results. Neither chart has the whole story, but together they offer us an enhanced view. Consider the heliocentric chart as a 2nd opinion on your birth moment, another way to see yourself. In the next few days, if my team can manage it, I will install on the web a little program that will allow each of you its free to see and learn about your heliocentric chart patterns.

This will give you another perspective on your chart and life that you may find helpful. In approaching this, the traditional geocentric astrological chart is a chart of your personality and the actual physical earth-centered circumstances in which you find yourself, while the heliocentric natal chart is a map of your more inner self. Remember the traditional astrology chart is a snapshot of what? We need both views to be complete. I apologize if this is a little technical and I am hoping that even you non-astrologers reading this will see why two views that triangulate as these two do are better than one.

Neither view is better than the other, but the combination is better than having only one perspective. Heliocentric Astrology does not have a Sun; it has no Moon, no houses , no ascendant and no midheaven. Neither Mercury, nor any other planet is ever retrograde in Heliocentric Astrology. Not only that, when a planet is in one sign in geocentric astrology, the planet is sometimes in a different sign in Heliocentric Astrology. This fact actually contradicts a fundamental principle of Traditional and Popular Astrology that the placement of a planet in a particular sign has predictable meaning.

As we said, Heliocentric Astrology does not allow for any of the normal techniques used by Traditional and Popular Astrology. Heliocentric Astrology does not have a Sun or Moon, or houses , or ascendants or midheavens, or retrograde planets. So what does Heliocentric Astrology have? At the Magi Society, we are both pleased and proud of our achievements so far. In , our first book Astrology Really Works! We believe our book is one of the main reasons so many astrologers now employ the declinations in their work.

But we now also look forward to helping astrologers realize that Heliocentric Astrology is indispensable, especially when it comes to forecasting future trends. The Magi Society did not invent Heliocentric Astrology. But we have made enormous and monumental advances to better understand the true meaning of heliocentric planetary alignments. This knowledge has long been part of the highly protected secrets of the Magi Society. But many of these secrets will now finally soon be revealed on this website.

Heliocentric Astrology is obscure. Even most astrology fans know very little about it. But there is one group of astrologers who are devoted to Heliocentric Astrology.

For quite some time, Heliocentric Astrology has been the favorite tool and domain of Financial Astrologers. Outside of the Magi Society, it is the Financial Astrologers who have been most aware of the value of Heliocentric Astrology. Ever since man first gazed up at the stars, we have had a feeling that somehow in some way, the stars are clues as to what happens on Earth.

For thousands of years, astrologers have studied the stars and made predictions. Some were pretty darn good predictions; but some predictions were so far off the mark that astrologers were ridiculed. Pluto was discovered only about 70 years ago and Chiron was unknown until Each such discovery greatly improved the ability of astrologers to make accurate forecasts. But there has been a part of the stars that astrologers have known about, but is almost always ignored.

Very few astrologers take into consideration the heliocentric alignment of the planets even though we have known about them for a very long time. But Heliocentric Astrology fills the last huge gaping hole in the education of astrologers. Below is an example of why we say this. We have explained on this website and in our books that Turbulent Angles are signs of turbulence, and that the Nuclear Clash aspect formed by a Turbulent Angle of Jupiter and Saturn is a reliable sign of big problems.

This is true whether we are talking about a CAC formed by two persons, or about an alignment in the sky at any given moment. A Grand Cross creates six Turbulent Angles and is an unusual occurrence. From the days of the ancient Hebrew Prophets to this very day, the best astrologers have always known that when four planets form a Grand Cross in the sky, it is a sign that something problematic could arise.

The Grand Cross is considered to be the worst possible alignment that four planets can form.

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In fact, on the day of the worst stock market crash in history, there was a Double Grand Cross. But the Double Grand Cross occurred only in the Heliocentric dimension of astrology. For those of you who may not know it, the position of the Earth appears in heliocentric charts, and we drew lines to point out the glyphs that represents the Earth. As is the case with geocentric charts, the Magi Astrology Heliocentric Chart includes the latitudes, which are the heliocentric equivalents of the declinations.

The heliocentric reading describes the whole solar system.


Heliocentric Model

These squares are to widen personal comprehension of quantum duality. More and more of us are aware of flowing in light waves that periodically become particles created by our intentions. The Nobel Physics Prize was given to Peter Higgs and Francois Englert, now that superstring theory was finally verified in ; dimensionality is becoming palpable in the light waves.

As I stated in Alchemy of Nine Dimensions , astrology functions in the quantum world 4D because it analyses the planetary dance and finds probabilities in any given moment by examining the archetypal forces that influence our psyches. Then in the heliocentric reading for November 23, I speculate more about probabilities.

The universe detects us when individuals integrate the quantum perception; the universe communicates with us via superstring theory. The Pleiadians and the Maya say human orgasms spin the Milky Way Galaxy, a deep mystery soon to be experienced as biological force. Evolution is collapsing into a new form—a short-term ecological, emotional, and mental collapse—while we become less solid and more quantum-based. There is nothing to fear in this process. The people in power who believe the End is coming grab for everything in sight; regardless, their agendas flush down the toilet, such as recent failed actions by the Tea Party in the US Congress.

The majority of humanity do not believe in, or want, an apocalypse because they are discovering what they think matters.

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When people learn how to create with their own intentions, they refuse to be bullied! Our times are inherently apocalyptical, yet up against that false edge, many cease to wait—they take action and everything shifts.

Global heliocentric perspective

The oddest thing about May through November has been feeling like you are the silver ball in a pinball machine. Once a week the Moon is in Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn setting off the square, like a weekly shooting gallery. Then come weeks of being blocked and going backwards. My husband says some people take one-step forward, then three back. Since the Moon rules our emotions, each time the Moon aspects the square, our feelings about the deep changes we are all participating in are triggered and we process a world that seems to be going mad.

Certainly the global elite appears to be insane! Sometimes the people around you dump their feelings on you like a huge pile of manure.