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Special Education 7. Read More. Tweets by autismmacedonia. Users Today : This Month : Total Users : Views Today : Total views : He needs an equal to experience the world by his side. The more common male Scorpio characteristics include:. Scorpio has a tendency to overindulge in most of life's joys. This can lead to a life of excess that can become a harmful and even life-threatening flaw if left unchecked.

Scorpio Man in Love & Relationships

The Scorpio man must learn discipline; this is a nasty topic he'll resist. If he can incorporate control over some of his passionate urges, he'll emerge a stronger man for it and will enjoy a longer, more satisfying life. One thing about this sign is that when it comes to love , he isn't in it for the pure fun of it. To the Scorpio male, love is as serious as it gets.

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If he doesn't feel love for you, Scorpio won't ever pretend he does. Genuine feelings are the height of passion and integrity for Scorpio, and he wants to feel everything when it comes to love.

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He will drown himself in the throes of a passionate love affair and enjoy every second of it. Don't ever play with Scorpio's heart. Also, they have a tendency to know everything. And their strong 6th sense enables them to see through people, know their motives and thus facilitate them to keep emotional pain, something they are so suspicious of, as far as possible.

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In case you have a personal problem, we suggest you to purchase the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues report, basis your Natal Chart, prepared by an expert astrologer. Scorpio are not the ones who will easily forgive and forget.

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  7. Well, these sensitive souls will never forgive nor forget the ones who dare to hurt them. So, never mess-up with a Scorpio men. These males are very passionate, sensual and likely to have a number of romantic clashes. They are attracted towards women who are both intelligent and beautiful.